True North Podcast w/ Pastor Jordon LeBlanc- You Are Chosen (March 4, 2019)

It's easy to buy the lie that we are less than, less valuable, less worthy, less lovable. The world operates on a system of winners and losers, but Jesus operates on a completely different scale. Throughout his story in the Scriptures, Jesus chooses the also-rans. He intentionally embraces the seemingly less valuable precisely to prove that these people are highly valued and dearly loved. It wasn't just Jesus in his earthly ministry. God is still in the business of reinforcing the value of those who see themselves are worthless. He sees you and chooses you, declaring that you are worth it. 

Join Pastor Jordon as he continues to dig into unpacking what it means to follow Jesus in our #Abide series. Focusing in on #John15, we discover the true life that Jesus has for us on the #TrueNorthNY Podcast!

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