Mosaic - Week 4 - Gifted for Service

The life that God is calling us to as followers of Jesus is a beautiful masterpiece, but as we’re going to discover, it requires much of us. Because a mosaic can’t come together alone. You cannot complete a puzzle with just a single piece. If that were the case, then I'm a master puzzler, but as we found out last week, I’m not much of one of those. Because that’s not how puzzles work.

The church can’t be the church until her people commit to being the church God’s way.

The church is uniquely designed to be countercultural, calling us to commit to one another to see the mission of God move forward.

This week's message challenges listeners to see themselves as a critical part of God's mission. It includes the opportunity for listeners to take a spiritual gifts assessment to begin to see how they fit within the framework of the mission of God. 

The assessment is available here:

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